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Positioning Steven Tabak, Bespoke Tailor extraordinaire, within the central core of Beckenstein Men’s Fabric empire showroom, is a brilliant blend just shy of a century in the making. As a master tailor, Tabak has made thousands of garments spanning four decades. A true craftsman, he considers himself a perfectionist and has earned a reputation as one of the most prestigious tailors in NYC, and perhaps the Eastern U.S. region. Steven Tabak is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, NY and the Kiev School of Fashion and Design, Kiev, Ukraine. Tabak earned the highest achievement offered; a 5th level Design and Tailoring Degree. A degree comparable to the Ph.d of the custom tailoring industry.

Steven demonstrated his superb expertise as a Head Fitter for Paul Stuart’s in NYC for five years of his illustrious career. Tabak additionally enhanced his career at the Theatrical Society of Ukraine, Barneys and Fendi Stores of Manhattan, as he has climbed to the tippy top of the Bespoke-tailored custom made mountain. Steven provided the highest level of service for the most challenging and demanding clients, and successfully built and maintained customer loyalty by displaying great expertise, initiative, sense of urgency and an outstanding service disposition.

As a bespoke tailor, Steven Tabak brings the timeless European traditions to the eastern U.S. Tabak pays meticulous attention to every little detail, and we will not allow any garment out of his elite Beckenstein Bespoke Custom Tailor shop, if it is not 100% perfect. Unlike other tailoring methods, his bespoke-tailored clothes are custom measured, hand-made from the finest materials and fit to perfection. Each garment is an original.

Since Tabak has the most fashionable fabric selections from the finest mills around the world at his finger tips, as he is located on the balcony level of the internationally famed Beckenstein Men’s Fabric showroom – the feel and appearance of each masterpiece Steven creates, exudes the highest quality achievable. Steven understands that no two people have identical measurements throughout. He captures each measurement and translates it with exceptional attention to detail–to each cut, each stitch, and each enclosure to ensure a precise fit.

If a client is not sure what they want, or even what will suit them, at Beckenstein Bespoke Custom Tailor’s, Tabak will help them to understand what works best for them, and assist in the decision making process. With over 30 years of tailoring experience, knowing what cut and style looks best is Steven’s supreme forte.

Steven Tabak’’s primary goal is to enhance each client’s discriminating image. Because Tabak consistantly creates one-of-a-kind garments, they reflect his exquisite sense of success and style. Beckenstein Bespoke Custom Tailor’s distinguished clientele includes business executives, professional athletes, politicians, attorneys and others with astute taste; people who know the comfort of a custom-made suit and the way it complements their confidence and their reputation. Whether it’’s for professional use or society wear, with Steven Tabak, each man’s wardrobe favors the exquisite.

Steven Tabak

Distinctive Services

At Beckenstein Bespoke Custom Tailor’s, our guests require and deserve the utmost service. Our willingness to be available by phone and after hours to our guests is part of that commitment. We will meet our guests on their timeline to ensure their fashion needs are met. Steven Tabak honors private appointments at his shop or personal visits to your home or office; locally, nationally or abroad. Turn- around is pinpointed at 5 weeks or less, with total authenticity.

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