About Us

Armed with a push cart and insurmountable determination, Samuel Beckenstein laid the groundwork in 1919, on the Lower East Side’s historic Orchard Street for what would ultimately develop into one of the world’s most renowned fabric enterprises, Beckenstein Men’s Fabric, Inc.

Nearly a century and four generations later, Beckenstein’s grandsons, Neal Boyarsky, President and CEO of the firm and his son Jonathan, have expanded and transformed the once modest, one room store, into an unstoppable fabric enterprise, servicing the entertainment industry, celebrities, athletes and government officials worldwide.

The company’s success is not only attributed to the family’s unwavering commitment to the fabric industry, but it is also due to their exclusive, joint partnership with Scabel of Brussels, one of the world’s most distinguished fashion leaders, who manufacture the finest and most high end fabrics. In addition to the incomparable quality and endless variety of fabric that Beckenstein Men’s Fabric, Inc. offers, the company also provides their customers with unrivaled service, delivering stock fabric overnight.

Today, the perpetually expanding company currently handles over 1,150 accounts (about 90 percent of the custom tailors in the (U.S.), sells fabrics to the most notable labels in fashion and is currently developing a men’s accessory line. Nicknamed the Fabric Czar for his impeccable reputation, Neal Boyarsky is continuing to expand Beckenstein Men’s Fabric, Inc. while remaining faithful to his Lower East Side roots, by custom tailoring orders and by developing long standing, close knit relationships with his customers.

Our History

Samuel Beckenstein establishes Beckenstein Men’s Fabric, Inc.

Beckenstein Men’s Fabric is named a “pants matching business”.

Beckenstein Men’s Fabric, Inc. becomes Scabal’s exclusive leasing agent in the U.S.

Boyarsky becomes a joint partner with Scabal of Brussels.

Hon. David Dinkins declares “Beckenstein Men’s Fabric Day”.

Beckenstein Men’s Fabric launches their lota division.

Jonathan Boyarsky takes his father for a walk in the garment center, and they never return to Orchard Street, the home of Beckenstein for 89 years. They move their entire operation to 257 West 39th Street (a ground floor location with 2 other contiguous floors). The Boyarsky’s never forget their past, but they never look back.

The world’s most renowned fabric enterprise offers customers endless impeccable fabric options.

The Boyarsky’s after 2 years of research, begin Beckenstein Bespoke. A major force in the Bespoke Custom made clothing business.

Beckenstein Men’s Fabric joins forces in representation of the top brands in men’s fabrics, making them the largest and number one cut length suppliers in the United States; Scabal,Cloth Ermenegildo Zegna, Charles Clayton, Joshua Ellis, John Foster, Hield Brothers, Mileta Shirting Mills and Beckencourt.

4 Generations

Jonathan Boyarsky marks the family’s 4th generation at Beckenstein Men’s Fabric, Inc. Jonathan is following his father’s and grandfather’s classstellar example by perpetuating sales and continuing to foster long term relationships with the company’s clients.

“The Godfather of Men’s Wear”

Also nicknamed “The Fabric Czar” Neal Boyarsky, president and CEO of Beckenstein Men’s. Fabric, Inc. possesses invaluable knowledge of fabric. Having immerses himself in the industry for nearly 40 years inheriting his grandfather’s company Mr. Boyarsky has single handedly transformed Beckenstein Men’s Fabric, Inc. into a thriving enterprise creating joint partnerships with Scabal the upscale woolen fabric house and Wain Shiell & Son, Ltd, serving a wide range of clientele including the entertainment industry, celebrities athletes, and government officials. Mr. Boyarsky is equipped to fulfill nearly any and every request in an opportune manner regardless of its magnitude.

Upon Samuel Beckenstein’s death, ownership of the business was passed on to Irving Boyarsky, Samuel’s son-in-law, who after a brief stint as a farmer during World War II, entered his wife’s family business in the mid-1940’s. Irving Boyarsky worked earnestly to nurture the retail custom-made garments operation. As a totally devoted family man and hard working dad, Irving’s son Neal began to emulate him as a young boy, delighted to take on tasks at the shop after school, eager to lend a tedious helpful hand. Irving made one of the most progressive decisions in his life, when his son Neal agreed to work full time for his father, as long as he could have an active role in the company. Neal’s dream of building a department store containing the very best luxury products, as he had just completed college, was paramount. Trusting his son’s intensified ambitions ineffably, Irving let go of the primary reigns of the business, which proved to catapult the growth of Beckenstein Men’s Fabric, Inc. ten fold

Samuel Beckenstein founded Beckenstein Men’s Fabric Inc, in 1919 on the lower east side’s historic Orchard Street. Beckenstein’s company thrived during the depression when he provided his customers with custom made pants to match their suit jackets when their pants were too thread bare to wear. For this service the song “Sam You Made my Pants to Long” was dedicated in his honor. Before long Beckenstein’s small company took flight and ultimately developed into one of the world’s leading fabric companies.